Pool Inspections

Purchasing a home with a swimming pool? Get it professionally inspected.

Check It Out Pools understands that consideration of a home purchase is the single largest investment most people will ever make. Knowing this, getting a pre-purchase pool inspection is an absolute must. We strive to prepare the most un-biased, objective view of your pool and it’s current condition.  This will ultimately help you make an informed and educated buying decision going forward. Our complete pool inspection reports are designed to be as thorough as they are straight forward.


The fee for our limited visual pool inspection is just $250.00 due at the completion of your appointment. We accept Cash, Check, Debit cards, Paypal and all major Credit Cards on site. Please allow for up to two-hours for the duration of the inspection, most typical pool inspections average about  1 to 1.5 hours. We also encourage (the buyer) to be present, as we will go over any, health & safety, action or critical findings which may be of concern, or in need of immediate attention.

As a complementary addition to your inspection, we will explain how to operate and care for your pool equipment if you are present.


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When should you have a pool inspection done? (As the purchaser) We highly recommend having your pool inspection included as a contingency within your purchase agreement.

What exactly is covered in our pool inspection?

Our Pre-Purchase pool inspections are conducted using a find & report format. Our pool inspections are also a limited visual assessment of the entire pool area, from the safety and function of main entry points to the pool or spa areas, to concrete and deck condition. We observe if the hardscape areas have adequate drainage away from the residence, and demonstrate all electrical appliances applicable. We inspect for proper visible bonding, filtration, and circulation in the pool. We inspect any gas heating appliances, heat pumps, or solar pool heating if applicable. We will also perform a limited visual inspection of the pools interior bowl.

We are ultimately inspecting for health and safety, function, durability. We do not cite code, compliancy or any local or federal requirements. We do not engage in any onsite repairs during a pool inspection, nor do we assemble an estimate or bidding for repairs with our pre-purchase pool inspections. We believe and have found through experience, that the best way to prepare unbiased pool inspection, is that it should be done without any monetary or vested interest in the subject post our inspection services.

Our Disclaimers

*Note we do not inspect solar equipment that is currently winterized, temporarily turned off manually, or obviously damaged for safety reasons. If your inspection will include solar, have the seller start and load the system prior to your inspection appointment. **The seller, or property owner is therein responsible for draining, or re-winterizing the solar equipment post inspection during winter months.  Please understand that operating and inspecting gas heating devices, along with pool filtration equipment, will be at the inspectors discretion when safety is of concern or prohibits otherwise. ***Our inspections are limited to ground level, visual assessment only (we do not get up on roof tops) If we suspect that there is a problem with the roof-top solar equipment, we will refer a reputable and licensed solar pool heating company to provide a more invasive assessment of the solar roof panels. 

How our service works:

  • We will send you a courtesy reminder of your pool inspection 24/hrs prior to your appointment.
  • We will prepare and e-mail an electronic, fully detailed inspection summary WITH PHOTOS. We shoot to complete our report within few short hours of your pool inspection, but we ask that you allow for up to 48hrs.
  • We will gladly work with and around your home inspection team, if they disclaim or do not do pool inspections (many do).
  • Same day and short notice service available Monday- Saturday, Rain or Shine. Although if rain is forecast on your appointment, we recommend rescheduling, as it can be difficult to pinpoint obvious leaks and drainage concerns while it’s raining or if the ground is damp and saturated.
  • For Real Estate professionals, we understand your deadlines and criteria when dealing with getting a pool inspection done ASAP. We are eager to help today!

We will Check it out!

You’ll always feel confident you’re getting a great pool with your purchase!

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